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"Catherine, just want to tell you my lower back still has no pain!! I wanted to wait a while after our session and see how it reacted to some physical work before letting you know. I can now bend down without pain! What a healing gift you have Catherine thank you! Blessings"

Howard, Carpenter

"I had the most beautiful long distance (Sydney - London) Reiki session with Catherine. Transformative, full with Light connection and opening of the heart. It moved me to tears, with immense gratitude for Catherine's gift to this world.

I had received long distance healing with another healer before but I did not notice anything tangible. Catherine's session was so different though. We both saw and felt the love of light beings supporting the session. Towards the end of the session my hands moved to my heart intuitively, clutching it. Without knowing this, Catherine shared afterwards that my guides facilitated a big release around my heart and an opening up. To hear that made so much sense and I felt so grateful to feel and understand the truth in that!"

Nathalie Van Zee

A had a remote energy healing with Catherine which helped clear some blind spots and heaviness in a gentle way. Catherine is genuinely compassionate, and caring, which is why I felt safe throughout the session, and I can see myself coming back.


Catherine just brings the most lovely energy, and creates such a safe space. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Catherine xx

Keira Byrnes

Such a beautiful practitioner. Absolutely loved my Reiki session. Thanks so much Catherine xx

Angie Cowan

“There is a lot of buzz about gratitude, but very few people can help you feel it with your entire being. Catherine is a fine example of someone who not only practices gratitude, but effortlessly inspires others and shows them how to truly 'be' grateful. In a society that thrives on spiritual trends, most people unconsciously opt-in and out of gratitude as a practice as if it is something that requires 'doing'. Catherine emotionally leads by example and shows us how being grateful is a natural part of our DNA, how to easily reclaim it, and the transformative shifts it can offer!”

Marina Mara


"I had a Reiki session with Catherine recently. Usually when I receive healings I experience a general sense of wellbeing afterwards, however this one was way more profound.  I was dealing with adrenal fatigue and burnout and during the session my mind seemed to just figure out how to restructure my time to take pressure off, leaving me with a clear plan. But also, afterward we chatted briefly about how I was drinking two strong coffees every day and how this might be a factor in the adrenal fatigue. The next day, I literally didn't even think about coffee when I woke up. I just effortlessly stopped drinking it (even though I love it!) and haven't had one since. Overall my sleep is better and I'm feeling much more energised. Thank you Catherine!"

Richard Chambers - Psychologist and Mindfulness Consultant

I've had three sessions with Catherine so far, and will definitely have more. Catherine's welcoming manner helped me to relax and her amazing Reiki techniques always left me feeling at peace. Recommend!


"My first visit to Catherine was about a month ago when I felt I needed healing to get through a broken relationship. Our very first meeting I was highly emotional and upset, but afterwards I felt bliss like I have never felt before! The Reiki healing through Catherine was taking my pain away and totally levelled my emotions. I felt extremely happy in every way. I've now had 3 sessions with Catherine and I feel so much more balanced and at peace within myself and my life as it is now. I highly recomend Catherine if you feel that you want to give a beautiful gift to yourself."

Liia  - Student Officer


"Thank you Catherine, for such a beautiful and deep healing session. Being an energy healer myself and having many Reiki friends, I felt really drawn to receive this healing from you. And now I understand why! Your energy is so gentle and so powerful at the same time. Your hands carry this angelic energy with them and I was completely out for the duration of the session. I went to somewhere peaceful and full of love. The healing was profound. Divine! Thanks you so much"

Cibeli Egan- Energy Healer



"I didn’t know what to expect from my Reiki session with Catherine – it turned out to be an energising and heart-opening experience. Catherine has a beautiful, powerful energy and I was moved and amazed at the feelings, memories and profound realisations that I experienced during my session with her. I was filled with a lightness of being for many days. I will be back for another session soon"



"OMG I feel incredible! I had been meaning to try Reiki but never got around to it, but with a full moon arriving I just had this urge to do it and - in walks Catherine. I was nervous as I didn't know what to expect and was judging myself to be "open" so I could get the best from it. Without even telling her my fears Catherine somehow answered all of my thoughts and guided me to relax and enjoy the session.  I finally just let it go. Fast forward 3 days and my business is absoutely booming with over 120 new people. After one freaking session! I feel like the gateways to abundance have been opened and totally flooded - which I'm welcoming with open arms. Imagine after 10 sessions - I can't wait to go back!"

Ashleigh - Pilates X Owner

"I recently had my first Reiki treatment with Catherine. I found her nature and energy so relaxing. I was surprised at the energy and heat she generated from my body, and after working on my abdomen, it still felt like her hands were there, even though they had moved to my head. It felt like there were 2 people working on my body. I thoroughly recommend a treatment with Catherine"

Tara - Yoga Teacher


"Catherine, I just wanted to let you know that my hip feels so much lighter and better after my session. Thank you very much and please let me know your next available time!"



"Catherine has a healing touch that melts away pain and trauma. She is gifted."

Eric Lyleson - Psychologist


"I was instantly relaxed entering Catherine’s workspace, which was indicative of the rest of my session with her. Her energy is very calming and any stress I had beforehand just melted away. She was incredibly intuitive and afterwards I felt like I was drifting on a cloud. Thanks again Catherine for a restoring a sense of balance within."

Sara Boughton 


"A Reiki experience with Catherine is a blissful treat from start to finish!    When I first met Catherine I was struck by her warm positive vibe, zest for life and passion for healing therapies. When the opportunity arose to undertake a Reiki session with Catherine I jumped at the chance!

This was my first venture into the wonders of Reiki but Catherine gently lead me through the session with loving care. The hour session is a slice of your day to focus on just you, nothing else. As Catherine had set up such a safe calm space, I easily slipped into a deep state of relaxation. I found it utterly fascinating to observe the movement of energy at each chakra and the changes in the flow, pulse and temperature of this energy and discovered a deep sense of peace upon closure.

"Reiki serves as a perfect compliment to other healing modalities as it works in harmony with other therapies I'm currently pursuing. Thank you so much Catherine for helping spread a little zen!"

Claire - Primary Teacher


"My Reiki healing session was exactly what I had been searching for. A space and a healer that will not only allow me to unwind from the hectic corporate world, but to also re-energise for the week ahead. Highly recommended!"

Teuta - Head of Recruitment and Engagement


"For my first ever Reiki session, I had no idea what to expect and was a bit skeptical of the whole process. Upon meeting Catherine I immediately felt that I was in good hands. Her warm, genuinely caring energy was calming and healing - exactly what I needed as I was going tnrough a tough time that week. I felt that she was really present with me and understood where I was coming from. Now, several days after our session, I still feel a sense of balance and peace has now been restored to my life, for which I feel a deep gratitude. A very sincere thank you Catherine."

Nadia - Yoga Teacher


"I feel amazing having received a Reiki healing from Catherine Robertson recently - confident , self sure and empowered. Thank you for your gift to me - I'm feeling so self supported like my knees are holding me up somehow. I cannot explain the difference I feel Catherine. Thank You from my complete being"

Carolyn Fitzpatrick - Interior Designer


"With my eyes shut I had no idea what Catherine was doing, but it felt like her fingers were gently touching my forehead when they were centimetres away !?! I'd had some back pains and nerve sensations running down to my knee, amongst other things for months before this, but for days after my session, and to this day, I haven't had any of these sensations! Thanks again Catherine."

Rory Lawrence 


"A few weeks ago I booked in for a Reiki session with Catherine Robertson. I've had Reiki before and to be honest with I wasn't all that impressed. Yes I felt relaxed but I certainly didn't have an earth shattering healing. Enter Catherine.

It helps that her voice and accent is so beautiful that it immediately put me at ease. She asked a few questions about where I was in my life and what I would like to get out of the session. I kept my answer vague and said "I guess I'd like to have the courage to move forwards with a few ideas that I have."


At this point I should mention that I am a born nomad. I have travelled extensively and find it hard to settle in one place. I also had the crazy idea of opening up my own yoga studio at home to cater for small and individual classes. The session passed quickly and at the end I felt super relaxed as anyone would lying on a massage table with someone saying nice things to you! I thanked Catherine for the soothing experience and went on my merry way.


Over the next week a few things occurred that I can only attribute to the Reiki session:1) I decided to sell my travelling crates. These are large aluminium trunks that have travelled around the world carrying my worldly possessions from one country to the next. I posted a photo online at 11pm and within 8 minutes they were sold with 15 people saying "next in line"!                 2) My flat mate moved out, vacating the room that I wanted to turn into a yoga studio and I now have a regular class running on a Tuesday night.

In one session, Catherine flicked a switch and bonds that were holding me back from moving forwards with my dreams melted away!   Energetic healing is very personal and I believe that it is the connection with the healer that governs whether Reiki will work for you. Catherine obviously works for me and perhaps she will work for you. Give her a call on her mobile and see what's waiting for you around the corner!

Sarah Keast - Yoga Teacher


"Catherines energy is infectious. She is a pleasure and ease to be around. During my session with Catherine I was immediately taken to a state of deep relaxation. I am now intrigued to find out more about Reiki."



"Catherine is a confident, intuitive Reiki practitioner. During our sessions, I experience a deep sense of peace and a feeling of 'letting go' - she creates a environment (both practically and spiritually) of safety and security in order to do the work required. The energy she harnesses is literally tangible, which is a very potent experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."








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