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Letting go of the pillars of safety

I was honoured recently to be a guest of Nicholas Perrin from Lionheart Coaching and be interviewed as part of his "Breaking Free From the 9-5" Podcast Series.

Our chat helped unravel some of the major safety blankets that we can all cling to at times during times of transition, and it may help rovide some insights and options for you to consider in relation to identifying your own truth.

The key areas we cover in the podcast include:

1. I feel like a powerless victim of the random circumstances in my life that seem to happen TO me. How can I gain self-awareness and discover my true power and potential?

2. I listen to the analytical, fear-based judgments of my mind and find it hard to connect to the guidance of my intuition. How can I receive clearer direction to my life purpose and trust my highest inspiration in order to experience more effortless abundance?

3. How can I create stronger and more meaningful relationships in my life? Acknowledging that it’s ok to need support from others and I don’t have to always do it all on my own.

4. It feels safer to stay in the stability of the familiar. How can I easily letting go of what I have now and allow myself to be in the unknown despite my fears?

I hope you enjoy listening!

Much love and light.


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