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Facing your fears

A few weeks ago I hit a bit of a low. It doesnt happen very often these days, but when it strikes I get unbelievably curious about what's going on with my self-talk and why I got triggered into that particular state. I also become determined to get to the bottom of the feelings I'm experiencing, to explore the reasons behind them and to ultimately reach that amazing place of clarity that restores my peace.

What came to me when I took the time to be still, and cry for a bit, was that there were some old fears around relationships and intimacy that I was holding onto and that were lurking around in the back of my mind. Why they chose to pop out on that day and that time I don't really know, but having appeared in my awareness, I could now do something about them. What felt right at the time was to write down all of my thoughts and fears as a way to process the emotions, and afterwards I knew I had to release it somehow.

Back in July last year I created a private Facebook group called "Share the Love" - primarily as a safe space for friends who were also interested in energy work, healing, crystals and metaphysics to come together and share their love of all things 'woo woo', without any fears or judgements. This collection of beautiful souls has grown and evolved to become an immensely important and special family to me, and a tribe who radiate love, support and compassion for one another.

The articles and posts that the group share have become a daily source of inspiration and encouragement, which is absolutely wonderful to be part of, however I realised that the highly postive nature of the contributions so far meant that we hadn't really touched on any of the pains that life throws at you or discussed any of the shadow and sometimes dark aspects of our psyche.

Feeling completely terrified but guided none the less, I decided to post the feelings I had just captured as a way to tap into my own vulnerability and share with the others that life does indeed contain these dark moments and that this spiritual journey, whilst wonderful, isn't all rainbows and unicorns!

What happened next was amazing and quite overwhelming!

These dear hearts instantly reached out with love to acknowledge and reassure that I wasnt alone in the fears and emotions I was processing and to make sure that I felt heard, supported and loved. It was truly beautiful to see the new level of openness and vulnerability taking place within our group as members started to reveal and share their own stories of pain and hurt around intimacy.

As all of this unfolded in front of me on Facebook, what was so surprising to witness was the internal shift that started to happen within me as soon I posted to the blog, and how it then became much easier to let go of the fears and insecuritites that I had been holding on to.

The awareness of my own vulnerabilities and sharing those thoughts with a group of like-minded souls was enough to trigger huge moments of insight and clarity for me, and facilitated the change required to begin to heal and move on. For the tribe to provide that sacred space for me to share my deepest thoughts and feelings with absolute safety was massively humbling and I'm so grateful to them for reminding me that when you 'live without fear' and bare your soul to another human openly and honestly, only good can come of it :)

What's pretty cool is that since that day, I've attracted (or as many of us believe, created), some amazing interactions and meetings with people who have been sent to guide and teach me further and to help me to dive deeply into those corners of my heart that I've been avoiding. As a result, my fears surrounding intimacy and being really 'seen' by another heart are rapidly diminishing!

Whatever it is that's weighing you down, don't be afraid to acknowledge the presence of the fears within you, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. Simply allow yourself to feel the emotions that your awareness brings and share your fears with your own tribe of trusted loved ones who can listen and support you in your vulnerability.

Opening yourself up in this way automatically gives permission to others to become more authentic and honest in their communications, and thats when the deep healing can really begin.

Never forget that the universe loves to reward the courage we show when we take a massive leap of faith and will automatically spring-board you to a new level in your spirituality when you leave those old fears, patterns and stories behind, which is incredibly freeing and empowering .

Go for it people - be brave!!

Much love and light,


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