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Not always easy

Gratitude is a beautiful state to reside in and is an attitude that I believe is essential to cultivate for a happy and contented life. However, it's not always easy to tap into gratitude when the 'shit hits the fan' and life seems a little dark.

Over the last few weeks I've had quite a few moments of pain and discomfort and some unpleasant circumstances have confronted me with aspects of myself that I had been running away from and trying to deny.

It was tough to go through at times and definitely not a joyful experience, but this spiritual path is most certainly not comprised of an almost constant state of bliss and euphoria, and sometimes we forget that.

Our growth in this life is about stripping away the illusions and fears we've built up around ourselves and seeing more clearly where we've allowed our ego to run the show and to keep us contracted and small. Opening the heart and receiving clarity on what those illusions are and how they no longer serve our highest good is an incredible blessing, as only then can we take the steps to leave the old habits behind.

How can we not be grateful for that insight and wisdom?

It's when we can see the bigger picture of how we're being guided to grow and expand our hearts that we become filled with compassion and love for ourselves and for all those around us too and it's through this practice of gratitude that we open ourselves up to be reminded of what a beautiful and blessed life this really is.

Be grateful for it all my dear friends.

Catherine x

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