Beauty all around

The picture doesnt do the landscape justice, but reaching this vista on our hike yesterday brought me to an absolutre standstill and triggered an intense emotional response that took me completely by surprise. The power and beauty of nature renders us speechless at times, but it's around us all the time. The sun shining through a cloud, the colour of a flower blooming, the arc of a tree branch and the magic of a sunset sky are all blessings to be enjoyed and appreciated every day - not just on a spectaular hiking adventure! Let Mother Earth speak and connect with you every day and gratitude will never be far from your heart and soul. #beautifullife #breathtakingmoments #makesmecry #grateful

The energy of Love

Love is truly the most infectious energy and highest vibrational space that exists. The last few weeks have again shown me that the more connected I feel to life and nature, the more open, loving, trusting and compassionate my heart becomes, the more love abundance and blessings flow into my life. Such a rich, beautiful and humbling experience! Sometimes we forget, sometimes we get down and sometimes we just fall into old patterns of thinking too much Every day is a new opportunity to remember that love overcomes fear every time. Choose love my dear friends and feel the expansion, joy and oneness with everything and everyone around you. Don't think - just feel! Much love and light. Xxx

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